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I love fashion! I love almost everything about it. Great style can enhance your life. Wearing beautiful clothes can immediately enhance your self-esteem. Owning a fashion business can enhance your income. So I offer fashion tips to make the most of your wardrobe dollars and I share anything I have learned about the fashion business with those who want to know.

about me

I have experienced a lot in my 64 years of life, Some good, some not so much.  I have lived through alcoholism, drug addiction and even cancer. I came to know that these things were self-inflicted because I did not know who I am. Even belittling myself, trying to change God's perfect creation. Cancer taught me that I am who I am and that I have a divine purpose and all that I am is for that purpose. When God cleared this up for me I realized that I was like a toolbox full of great tools if they were used properly.

Today I am overflowing with great joy, even ecstatic because I have learned the purpose of the tools in my box and gained experience in using them. I now know who I am and my life's purpose. I have never been happier in my whole life!

I am the bringer of peace, love, joy, and beauty. If you can use more of this in your life you can choose to experience peace, love, joy and or beauty through my designs, my presence, or in my space.

I invite you to come and partake.


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